Sudarshana Homa


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Homa or Homam is a sacred fire ritual that has been performed for thousands of years in the Indian subcontinent. It is believed that performing Homa with proper rituals and procedures can bring positive energy, good health, prosperity, and happiness into one’s life. Sudarshana Homa is one such powerful Homa that is performed to invoke the blessings of Lord Sudarshana, who is considered the chief deity of protection and a manifestation of Lord Vishnu’s divine wheel.Sudarshana Homa is performed by reciting mantras and offering various items into the fire while invoking Lord Sudarshana’s blessings. The fire acts as a medium to carry the offerings to the Gods, and it is believed that the ritual helps to purify the atmosphere, protect from negative energies, and remove obstacles from one’s life.

The Sudarshana Chakra, the divine wheel of Lord Vishnu, is believed to have immense power and is used to protect against evil and negativity. The Sudarshana Homa is performed to invoke the blessings of Lord Sudarshana and the Sudarshana Chakra to remove any obstacles, negativity, or dangers that may be affecting one’s life.The Sudarshana Homa is typically performed by a trained priest or pandit who has experience in performing the ritual with the right mantras and procedures. It requires the use of various items, including ghee, rice, herbs, and other offerings, which are offered into the fire while reciting the mantras.

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