Go Prasava shanthi


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As per astrological beliefs, the Ashlesha Nakshatra is considered to have a rakshasa or demoniac nature. It is said that being born under this nakshatra can bring about inauspicious effects on the baby. To counteract this, the Go Prasava-santi ritual is performed by the parents.

This rite is aimed at the baby being “reborn” (prasava) from a cow at an auspicious moment. The newborn is placed in a winnowing basket covered with a red cloth, and this basket is then brought under the cow. The baby is then bathed with the cow’s milk and handed over to the father and then to the mother. Throughout the ritual, Vedic mantras are chanted continuously, and a Navagraha homa is performed.To perform this ritual, one can book a pandit through www.onlinepoojas.com, where all the necessary pooja items are also available. By performing this ritual, one can hope to ward off any potential negative effects of being born under the Ashlesha Nakshatra.