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The Hindu wedding, also known as Vivaha, is a significant and emotional event filled with vibrant colors, traditional rituals, and customs that differ from region to region.

In North India, the actual wedding ceremony is referred to as Vivaah sanskar, while in South India, it is known as Kalyanam. Hindus place great importance on marriage, which is regarded as a sacred institution.One of the most important rituals during a Hindu wedding is the Saptapadi, where the couple takes seven steps in a clockwise direction around the Angi near the Mandap. Each step, also known as a ‘Phere,’ represents the seven promises and principles made by the couple to each other during the exchange of vows.

At, we understand the significance of the Hindu wedding ceremony and provide the best pandith services with all the necessary items for the wedding, including pooja items. You can easily book a pandith with us at to ensure that your wedding is conducted in a traditional and auspicious manner.

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