Karthaveeryarjuna Japa


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Losing valuable items like jewellery, important documents, or even something as small as a key can cause immense stress and frustration. However, in the Hindu tradition, there is a powerful mantra that is believed to help recover lost or stolen items. This mantra is known as Karthaveeryarjuna Stotram or Karthaveeryarjuna Dwadasa Nama Stotram, and it is dedicated to the ancient king of the Haihayas kingdom, Kartha veeryarjuna.According to Hindu mythology, Kartha veeryarjuna was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu’s Chakra. However, Chakra was a bit too proud, and Lord Vishnu wanted to teach him a lesson. To do this, Lord Vishnu took on the form of Parasurama, another of his incarnations, and killed Chakra. Kartha veeryarjuna, who was the king of the Haihayas dynasty, is said to have been a just ruler who ruled from his capital city of Mahishmati.

The Karthaveeryarjuna Stotram is believed to have the power to recover lost or stolen items when recited with sincerity and devotion. The hymn should be read first, followed by the mantra, which can be used for meditation or fire sacrifice addressed to the God. The mantra is as follows “Karthaveeryarjuno nama, Dharmathma priyavarchasa, Sahasra baahu samsthana, prapthakaama yuthe sthitha.”The above mantra translates to “I bow down to Kartha veeryarjuna, who is known for his righteous deeds and has a thousand arms. He is always ready to fulfil the wishes of his devotees.”Reciting this mantra during an emergency situation when something valuable has been lost or stolen can help in its recovery. In addition, it is also believed that performing a fire sacrifice or pooja dedicated to Kartha veeryarjuna can increase the effectiveness of the mantra.

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