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Seemantham is a traditional Hindu ritual performed on pregnant women during the 7th month of pregnancy. The purpose of this ceremony is to ensure a healthy delivery of the child without any obstacles. It is a joyous occasion where the family and friends of the expecting mother come together to celebrate and pray for her and the baby’s well-being. The ceremony begins with the man being anointed with kumkum, a red powder used for religious and spiritual purposes, and given clothes by the woman’s father. The in-laws are then seated adjacently and also marked with kumkum and given clothes by the lady’s parents. The woman takes all these gifts, adorns herself, and goes to the deity and offers a prayer. During the Seemantham ceremony, Vedic mantras are chanted by a pandith or vadhyar, who is a Hindu priest or spiritual guide. These mantras are believed to give positive energy to the baby inside the womb and the mother. They are also believed to protect the mother and the baby from any negative influences and bring blessings for a safe and healthy delivery.

At, we understand the importance of this ceremony and provide the best pandith with all the required pooja items. Our pandiths are well-versed in the Vedic mantras and have years of experience in performing Seemantham ceremonies. We ensure that the ceremony is performed in the traditional manner and all the rituals are followed as per the customs and traditions. In conclusion, Seemantham is a significant ceremony that is performed during pregnancy to ensure the well-being of the mother and the baby. It is a joyous occasion where the family and friends come together to celebrate and pray for the mother and the baby’s health. At, we provide the best pandith and all the required pooja items to ensure that the ceremony is performed in the traditional and authentic manner. Book your pandith with us today and ensure a safe and healthy delivery for your loved one.

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