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The arrival of a newborn baby is a joyous occasion for the family, and it brings with it a lot of happiness and excitement. However, after the childbirth, there is a period of ten days that are considered impure. During this time, the mother and baby are kept in isolation and are not allowed to go out or meet visitors. This period is known as the postnatal period.Once the ten-day period is over, the family performs a special ritual called Punyahavachanam, which is meant to purify the house and bless the newborn. This ritual is performed to ensure that the house is free from negative energies and to welcome positive energy into the house.

The Punyahavachanam ceremony involves several steps. Firstly, the house is thoroughly cleaned, and all the impurities are removed. Then, a Ganapathy puja and kalasha puja are performed to invoke the blessings of Lord Ganesha and other deities.After the puja, mantras are chanted to invoke the power of water. The purified water is then sprinkled on the baby, mother, father, and everyone in the house to purify them. This is known as prokshanam, which means sprinkling.The prokshanam is done in all parts of the house, including the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms, to ensure that the entire house is purified. This is followed by the chanting of more mantras and the offering of prayers to the deities.

The Punyahavachanam ceremony is a significant event in the life of a newborn baby, and it is usually performed by a priest or pandit. If you are looking to perform this ceremony for your baby, you can book a pooja with Online Poojas at www.onlinepoojas.com.Online Poojas is a platform that provides a hassle-free way of booking poojas and rituals online. We offer the services of experienced and knowledgeable pandits who will perform the ceremony with all the required pooja items.We understand the importance of these rituals and their significance in the lives of our customers. Therefore, we ensure that the poojas are performed with utmost sincerity and dedication. In conclusion, Punyahavachanam is a beautiful and meaningful ceremony that is performed to bless the newborn and purify the house. If you are looking to perform this ceremony for your baby, you can book a pooja with Online Poojas at www.onlinepoojas.com and experience the benefits of a hassle-free and meaningful ritual.

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