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Hinduism is a religion that is deeply rooted in traditions and rituals. These rituals have been practiced for centuries to appease the gods and to seek their blessings. One such powerful ritual is the Nalavestana Shanthi. This ritual is performed to remove obstacles in life and to bring peace and prosperity.

What is Nalavestana Shanthi?

Nalavestana Shanthi is a Hindu ritual that is performed to eliminate the negative effects of the planets and to seek the blessings of the gods. It is performed when a person is going through a difficult phase in life, facing obstacles or is suffering from diseases. The ritual is performed by a priest who recites mantras and performs certain rituals to appease the gods.

The word “Nalavestana” means “fourteen pillars”. In this ritual, fourteen pillars are erected, representing the fourteen Lokas or realms of existence. The pillars are made of wood, and each one is decorated with different materials such as flowers, leaves, and fruits.

The ritual is performed by invoking Lord Ganesha, who is the remover of obstacles, followed by the Navagrahas or the nine planets. The priest recites mantras and performs pujas to each of the planets to reduce their negative effects.

Benefits of Nalavestana Shanthi

The Nalavestana Shanthi ritual has numerous benefits, including:

  1. Removes obstacles and brings prosperity
  2. Promotes good health and well-being
  3. Brings success in personal and professional life
  4. Improves relationships and promotes harmony
  5. Reduces the negative effects of the planets

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